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Bright Beacon of Light April 19, 2017

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Writing is often a way for me to sort through my thoughts and try to make sense of life.  It’s also a way for me to document events and feelings so that once time has made my memory fuzzy (and it doesn’t take much time) and my emotions have dulled, I can better recall how life felt at that particular moment.  This is especially why I write letters to my boys, who can’t comprehend much of what goes on at this point in their lives; unless you consider the fact that Thomas is the #1 engine to be significant.  But while I enjoy writing, I also have a deep appreciation for good writing.  So with permission, I want to share a speech here that was written by Todd’s EMS Chief, J. Brian Wilson.

On Monday night, April 17, the team who was involved with that memorable morning last month was recognized at the Highland City Council meeting.  This team consisted of 2 paramedics, 4 police officers, and the often unrecognized telecommunicator responsible for answering 911 calls then sorting and disseminating crucial information.  There, Chief Wilson delivered this speech and I’d like to share it now, for anyone else who isn’t tired of hearing about these amazing first responders and that fateful rescue.



“Good evening Mr. Mayor and members of the City Council.

As you are aware, we are here tonight to honor these public safety professionals for their courage and selfless efforts that led to saving an infant from the frigid waters of Silver Lake on the morning of March 16, 2017.

When we recall the events of those early morning hours, we quickly realize just how much worse that terrible tragedy could have been.  Yet we are here tonight, honoring this group of first responders, whose combined efforts provided a bright beacon of light during an otherwise dark day.



Everything fell into place perfectly that morning, from a witness who saw the vehicle go into the water and called 911, to the timely dispatch of police, fire, and EMS units, to a shortened response time of units already on the street, to a well-trained team of professional first responders dedicated to public safety.  Although he didn’t know it, little Julian Campbell had every possible advantage going his way.

Like any championship team, each member of this team played a crucial role in the ultimate outcome that we all hoped for: that being the saving of a human life.  Without each one of them, the outcome could have been far different.

Also like any championship team, this team had a most valuable player, who both risked and contributed a little bit more to this happy outcome.



Although we recognize them here tonight for this high profile success story, this group, and others like them, do not consider their actions unusual.  Nor do they consider themselves heroes.

They are used to providing high-quality service to complete strangers each and every day, often at great personal risk.  This is what they are trained for.  This is what they do.  To them, this was all in a day’s work.



They have been very gracious and appreciative of the many honors bestowed upon them.  Yet, I can assure you, their motivations lie solely with the safety of our public, irrespective of media coverage of personal accolades.

Thank you.”